Thursday, December 5, 2013

November Wrap-Up And Looking Forward To...

I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because you never know if you're quoting someone from an internet meme!

So, this November I did not really get to read too much. Most of the month was spent either being sick, taking care of a sick kiddo, or doing classwork! One of those classes is an English class, and the professor is huge on plagiarism so I'm constantly wondering if I'm plagiarizing. Did you know you can self plagiarize? Yeah, neither did I.

I did get to start reading Ender's Game and The Eternity Cure, though! I'm super excited to see where The Eternity Cure is headed, so far it is really good. I really love the writing style of Julie Kagawa, and I think I am going to be in love with this series.

Ender's Game on the other hand, I am getting a little bit bored with it. I read it back in the fifth grade, which was forever ago, and thought I would enjoy it again before the movie came out. Obviously, I didn't finish it before the movie! I am about half way with it, and for some reason am loosing interest. Maybe it will pick up again? I hope so!

My reading goals for this month (with reviews) are:



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