Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 2013 Resolutions!

Alright, normally I wouldn't post my resolutions up here...but I just have to. If I put these out where everyone sees them, then maybe I'll have a better chance at sticking to them!

My Resolutions for 2013:

Health Goals:
Stop drinking soda! (So far, so good.)
Start eating better!
Exercise more!

Life Goals:
Finish my Associate's degree by fall!
Pass my RHIT certification test this fall!

Blog Goals:
Get some variety in here, more non review and non meme posts!
Post at least two reviews a week!

Reading Goals:
I have set myself at 100 books to read for 2013!
Try to read two books per week!
Read the books that I want to read, no more wasting my time on something I'm not into!

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