Review Policy

A Little About Review Requests:

If you are an author, publisher, or PR Rep and would like me to review a book then this is the page for you!

I am openly accepting e-books as of right now, though this may change in the future.

I always accept physical copies of books, I will never sell or give away an ARC or any other work unless requested by you. I have a pretty lengthy review list as it stands right now, but I am always open to requests. But please, understand that I can not accept every request that comes in.

My prefered genres are YA, dysptopian, anything paranormal, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. I am rather picky when it comes to YA though, usually it has to be dystopian or paranormal related. I do reviews of graphic novels from time to time, as I am a HUGE comic book junkie. I don't read non-fiction, religious books, contemporary romance, short stories, poetry, chic lit, mystery, or children's literature.

When Sending A Request:
  • Please include the book title and a short synopsis
  • Book Cover (if it has one, if not then that's ok)
  • Any links you have with other reviews or the book website/author website

My Reviews Include:
  • Title and Author
  • Cover Art
  • Book Synopsis (usually borrowed from Goodreads)
  • My honest review
  • My rating
  • Any other details requested
I cross post all reviews on Goodreads. I can post on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, and wherever else you request. I will try to give you a review date, but please realize this isn't necessarily concrete as I have classes and a toddler at home. 

If the book is an ARC I will do my best to have the review completed a week before the release date, or any date that you otherwise specify. ARC's always get bumped to the top of my review list as well!

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