Friday, October 26, 2012

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Q: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book? For example, if an author employs an omnipotent narrator that is sometimes considered bad form.

There are a few that really really irk me. When I'm reading a paranormal romance I'm not a fan of the whole instant falling in love thing, that bothers me beyond belief. Another issue I have is when an author switches from a first person narrative to third person in the middle of the darn book. I know it doesn't happen that often, but when it does it is very irritating. 

I have a lot more little things that bother me but this could go on forever.


  1. Oh gosh, I highly agree with both of those! Switching between first and third person is not right and insta-love is just irritating.

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    Myra @ Pieces of Whimsy

  2. Switching point of view would be super annoying! I haven't read any like that, but I bet I would not like that at all! Great answer :)

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  3. Insta-love is a definite annoyance!
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  4. I don't like insta-love either.

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  5. Insta love is annoying, but sometimes the third person thing works for me. It did in The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff. But I hated it in The Discovery of Witches. I think it depends on if the author can pull it off. But INSTA LOVE...i cannot stand.
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  6. I also picked Insta-love-- didn't know so many others would pick it, but I guess it's something everyone finds obnoxious! Hmm... a book where the author switches to third person from first-- I'm thinking of PC Cast's House of Night series; don't know if you've read that, but it drove me crazy.

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    Kat @ A Myriad of Books

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    Yes, the insta-love thing is frustrating.

  8. Oh, I agree with the insta love thing so annoying! I even wrote a post on it at me blog today.

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    Julie~ New Adult Addiction

  9. Insta-love is the worst, a lot of people chose that.

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  10. a lot of people have picked instalove. I could not agree more!

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  11. OMG, I have seen instalove all over today's FF. :) It isn't my favorite either. I think the best part of romances is seeing two people fall for each by getting to know each other. The best romances are when you get to know the two leads, and realize that their personalities are perfect for each other.

    What I dislike more than instalove, though, is love triangles. Oh, I hate those, and usually avoid books with possible love triangles.

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  12. Insta-love seems to be the most talked about today! hate it too! :)

  13. Insta-love is a popular answer and I can see where it doesn't work for some readers. I'm a new follower via GFC and would love for you to visit me whenever you have a chance...

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  14. Definitely agree with both of the points you made! New GFC follower- thanks for stopping by my blog!
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