Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review: Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

When the hurricanes came through and hit New Orleans it left nothing; just a desolate national disaster with thousands and thousands of misplaced people. In Kelly Keaton's, Darkness Becomes Her, New Orleans becomes known as New 2 after the hurricanes and is rumored to be the hub of paranormal activity in the United States.

New 2 is it's own city, and not even really considered part of the United States. Since the hurricanes hit a group called the Novem bought New Orleans and started to rebuild it themselves. People outside of the Rim usually only visit New 2 for Mardi Gras and ghost hunting adventures. Much unlike Ari who is on the hunt for information on her parents, which has brought her to this broken down city.

Ari has always been the outcasted type of girl. She grew up in the foster care system and never really had a family to call her own. Her hair and eyes have pretty much branded her as a weirdo in normal society. Silver hair and teal colored eyes are just not something you see every day.

I really do like Ari though, she has a very complex past and a tougher than nails personality. Her personality develops pretty well through out the book, but I think it will get even better in the next one. Besides her, all of the other characters were very imaginative and individual. I felt like I could actually see the characters and their manuerisms, which I really enjoy when I'm reading.

The world of New 2 is very intense, and as it should be after a barrage of hurricanes hit it. Kelly Keaton does a really great job at being descriptive with the world she has made. There are tons of broken down, rotting, and decaying homes and abandonned buildings that I think were described very well. The realness of this world is not really hard to imagine, we did all see how this could be after hurricane Katrina hit.

In regards to Kelly Keaton's writing style and flow of the book, I absolutlet loved it! The story just kept flowing and I did not want to put this book down, in fact I stayed up pretty late for two nights there! (I means like...1 almost 2 in the morning late, and if you're a mom of a small one you know that is really late!) I just loved the way she spoke through the characters, I could just imagine myself right in their world with them. I think I could probably get lost in this series if I'm not careful!

The mythology side of this book was very interesting to me as well. Anything that involves Greek gods and paranormal monster is for sure my cup of tea. I am very happy with the direction that this book went and am very excited to start on the ARC of book two, A Beautiful Evil!

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